FY 2023

The following work was completed in 2023:

  • Blue North Mill, Kamiah, ID: completed a Phase II ESA in August, October, and November that investigated surface soil, subsurface soil, groundwater, and soil vapor in the central operations and western areas of the site. This included:
    • Surface soil testing in the western log yard and along abandoned rail spurs.
    • Subsurface soil testing near areas of potential contamination, including a pressure wash pad, former log pond, former large diesel tank area, sewage lagoon, and the central mill area.
    • Methane investigation in the former log pond.
    • Drilled 11 boreholes and installed 5 monitoring wells.
    • Sampled groundwater in 5 wells.
    • Performed slug aquifer tests on two wells.
  • Former Riverside (Husky) Sports, Orofino, ID: 
    • Completed a Phase I ESA in March.
    • Completed a Phase II ESA in October and November that investigated subsurface soil, groundwater, and sub-slab soil vapor in the onsite building. This included:
      • Subsurface soil testing near the large empty fuel tanks, fuel pumps, and former auto shop building.
      • Drilled 5 boreholes and installed 5 monitoring wells.
      • Sampled groundwater in 5 wells.
      • Tested soil vapor from beneath the slab of the onsite building.
  • Spalding Mill, Spalding, ID: Completed a geophysical survey in an area of a suspected underground storage tank. No tank was found, and the site is ready for redevelopment.
  • TU-45, Orofino, ID: Initiated reuse planning meetings with Enterprises (for-profit business entity created by the Tribe).
  • Fort Lapwai, Lapwai, ID: Evaluated asbestos abatement needs to support redevelopment of a former parade ground, tuberculosis ward, and boarding school area.
  • Sites Inventory: Assembled known and potential brownfields sites into an updated inventory with an online map-based interface. Data sources included regulatory databases, public outreach, and legacy lists from different historical program staff.

The following work is anticipated in 2024:

  • Preliminary reuse planning and stakeholder engagement related to Blue North Mill, Riverside Sports, and the TU-45 parcel.
  • Outreach and prioritization of brownfields sites from the existing Sites Inventory.
  • Phase I and II site assessment of the former Freedom Fitness in Lapwai, Idaho.
  • The TRP will coordinate with EPA regarding site-specific funding needs, and potential resources to meet those needs, such as 128(a) or 104(k) funding.